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Step 4 Guided Recovery Meditation

Meditations for Alcoholics

Step 4 Guided Recovery Meditation


New resentments are sure to crop up from time to time during your recovery, so nip them in the bud with this AA-themed, Step 4 recovery meditation.
* Inspired by AA, this guided meditation is an aid to your Step 11 meditation practice.
* Suitable for use by members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-Step programs.

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 The Good Stuff

  • Experience your resentment from a completely unique angle during this powerful guided meditation.
  • Enjoy the softening of your heart as you work towards forgiveness and an eagerness to make amends should start to appear soon after.
  • This meditation should be done after you have finished writing a formal Step 4 and read your Step 5 to your Sponsor or Spiritual Advisor.
  • See what other Alcoholics are saying - Click here to read reviews.

"Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves." - Step 4 Alcoholics Anonymous (Please refer to disclaimer.)

Approximate Meditation MP3 length - 25 Minutes 
(Excludes Disclaimer and 5 minutes of reflection time)
* Please remember our principles and refrain from pirating these mp3's

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