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Morning Handover Guided Meditation: Steps 1 - 3

Meditations for Alcoholics

Morning Handover Guided Meditation: Steps 1 - 3


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This AA-inspired Meditation, brings together Steps 1, 2 and 3 in a compact morning meditation that sets the tone for a positive, God-directed day. 

The Good Stuff
  • This AA-themed meditation reminds you of your powerlessness bright and early and reconnects you with your reliance on your Higher Power. 
  • A daily surrender to God’s will via this 11th Step meditation, keeps the ego humble and open to the positive and uplifting prayers offered in this morning meditation.
  • You can now begin the next 24, feeling protected and divinely inspired. This brings freshness to the spirit and a spring to your step!
  • See what other Alcoholics are sayingClick here to read reviews.

Approximate Meditation MP3 length - 11 Minutes
(Excludes Disclaimer and 5 minutes of reflection time)
* Please remember our principles and refrain from pirating these mp3's

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