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Reviews for Meditations for Alcoholics | 11th Step Guided Meditations

General Reviews for Our Step 11 Guided Meditation MP3's

"I have a reminder of each step at my finger tips." - Margaret from Queensland, Australia
I have been lucky enough to have these meditations gifted to me. What a wonderful gift! I love the Morning Handover. It makes me feel much more connected to my Higher Power. Step Three is a great renewal of my relationship with HP. I have a reminder of each step at my finger tips and have already gifted a set and plan to gift more to recovering buddies for anniversaries etc. Thank you Meditations for Alcoholics.

- Margaret C.
Stars: *****

"Just the thing for me to get motivated." - Gary from Wisconsin, USA.
Wow! These meditations rock! Just the thing for me to get motivated. I know I have to meditate in my AA program and it's been hard up to now. Thanks!

- Gary G.
Stars: *****

"I now meditate every day." - Vicki from California, USA.
I used to put off doing my meditation part of Step 11 or I would just do it every now and then. I now meditate every day and it is so easy for me to just plug in and listen on my iPhone, anywhere I am. Just one request - Could you please put a "select all" button on your page to make it easier to add more meditations to the cart?

- Vicki from California
Stars: *****

Thanks so much for your feedback Vicki, and this was one of the reasons why we decided to make the meditations available via iTunes. You may now download them as an entire album directly from this link. I appreciate your positive review and thank you for your kind words.
- Grace MFA 

"I love your voice - it is very soothing." - Peter from Sydney, Australia
Your meditations are the first ones I can stand to listen to. I love your voice. It is very soothing. Keep up the good work.

- Peter from Sydney
Stars: ****

"Morning Handover and Step 11 Morning Meditation are my favourites." - Jack from Wellington, New Zealand
When I wake up, I just plug my earphones into my phone and lay in bed and listen. Too easy. Sets me up right for the day. Morning handover and Step 11 morning are my favourites. You can also do a wicked step 4 with these tapes.

- Jack L.
Stars: *****

"The reflections are the perfect length to fit into the busiest of days." - Tanya from Australia
I have spent many years trying to find a prayer and meditation practice that works for me...Meditations for Alcoholics is the answer. The reflections are the perfect length to fit into the busiest of days and Grace speaks my language using a voice that soothes my soul. The content of the recordings guide me to connect with my higher power, that quiet inner voice, within the wonderful framework of the 12 steps that we all know and love.

- Tanya from Australia
Stars: *****

"I can choose which step to work, on any given day." - Henri from Wales U.K.
These meditations are good and I am glad that a friend showed me your website. I can choose which Step to work, on any given day and use the meditations to deepen my experience.

- Henri from Wales U.K.
Stars: *****

"Great music, soothing voice and very relevant message." - Margaret from Brisbane
Stars: *****

"Amazing. I love this." - Raqia R.
Cool voice and nice music. Highly recommended.
Stars: *****

Steps 1 - 12 | Guided Meditation Reviews

"Step 3 brings me a great sense of peace." - Flynn from Byron Bay, Australia
When I listen to Step 3 in the morning, I am left with a feeling of relief, of a sense of peace because I have handed over my day to my God and I can live the rest of the day in a state of surrender. I love this meditation thanks!

- Flynn from Byron Bay Australia
Stars: *****

"Love, love, LOVE your Step 4!" - Mandy from Boston, USA
When I first did your Step 4 it was very different from what I had expected. It got me thinking on a different level and really seeing it from the other person's point of view. It was pretty confronting, but now I love, love, LOVE your Step 4! Whenever I have a resentment that I can't work through by using the tools in the Big Book, I use your meditation and it just seems to undo the knots in my mind. 

- Mandy from Boston USA
Stars: *****

"Step 11 Morning is my favourite." - Smithy from Randwick Australia
Step 11 Morning is my favourite. I listen daily. It helps.  

- Smithy from Randwick Australia

"I do Step 10 every day and my Sponsor has noticed a difference." - Rosanne from North Carolina USA
Every morning but sometimes at night, I put on your Step 10. It keeps me accountable and because I am now doing my Step 10 every day, my Sponsor is noticing a difference in me. It's quick and easy to do and I don't have to keep remembering to check the Book and break out of meditation. 

- Rosanne from North Carolina USA

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