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FAQ'S for Meditations for Alcoholics | Step 11 Guided Meditations


How do I get my Meditation for Alcoholics' downloads to play on my iPhone or iPad?

A: You download the file from the link that is sent to you via email, and save it to the FILES section on your iPhone or iPad. You may play it from there. 
If you buy direct from iTunes, it will be placed in your iTunes music library and you may play it directly from there. 

Are your Step 11 Guided meditations available on iTunes?

A: Good news! The entire collection is now available on iTunes (Look for Grace H.)  Click on this blue link for iTunes.

What about Apple Music?

A: Yep! Click here and stream away. 

Why are they different prices in different stores? 

We only have a certain amount of control over what pricing is placed upon our products and we tried to get them as close to each other as possible but we do not have the final say on the pricing in iTunes and other online outlets. 

How do I get my downloads to play on my Android device?

A: Android devices have the ability to save downloads directly to the device. When you receive the “download email” or download direct from the “Your Order is Complete” page, your file is placed within your device. Please refer to the instructions that came with your particular phone or tablet for further information on how to access downloaded files.

You will be able to play your meditation straight from your device without having to take any further actions.  

How do I get my 11th Step meditation downloads to play on my computer?

A: Depending on what kind of operating system you are using, Mac or PC, there are two different ways you can play your download on your computer.

Mac - After downloading your meditation, you will find it in the “downloads” in File Manager. Drag the file over to iTunes, add to your favourite playlist and away you go!

PC - After downloading your meditation, it should appear in your downloads folder. Either double click on the mp3 file to play it directly in your default music player, or drag it directly into your music folder, double click on your mp3 and it will also play on your default music player. You may also use iTunes if you please.

Still got questions?

Please contact us on and we will do our very best to help you in any way possible.