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Meet the Author of these AA-Inspired Guided Meditations

Woman meditating beside the sea

Hi Friends and welcome to Meditations for Alcoholics.

My name is Grace and I’m an Alcoholic. 

I am blessed to have been gifted with over 25 years of sobriety and am a member in good standing in my 12 Step Homegroup.

As my recovery has progressed throughout the years, I have felt a much deeper connection to my Higher Power especially when working my 11th Step and using meditation to help increase my conscious contact.

Out of this connection, I decided to create these Meditations for Alcoholics and to compose all of the original soundtracks you will hear in these recordings.

Before I started this work, I noticed that many Alcoholics did not meditate on a daily basis, if at all. 

Since I had found such comfort and healing when I practised my Step 11 daily meditation, I set about finding out why they might have found it hard to make it a part of their daily routine.

I found that in most instances, people did not like to sit still for 30 minutes during their 11th Step meditation, as their minds would wonder and they would become restless and bored.

Also, the content of the meditations did not really interest them or provide anything for an active brain to concentrate on.

So with Higher Power's help, I went about tailoring my AA-inspired, guided meditations with this in mind.

Mixing relaxation with 12 Step spiritual direction I believe that these recordings provide the best of both worlds.

A pleasant meditative state can be achieved fairly easily whilst familiar spiritual concepts are introduced throughout the meditation sessions. 

Plus, the reflections are fairly short! 

These AA-themed guided meditations have been a labour of love and it is my intention that this work brings hope and healing to all who are drawn to this page.

Please let me know if there is any meditation that you would like me to produce that would be helpful to your recovery and if the demand is there, I will do my very best to create it for you. 

Blessings to all and wishing you another 24, one day at a time,