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Step 11 Meditation Using Two-Way Prayer

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Meditation Using Two-Way Prayer

What It Was Like

Well if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to hear any more about how to meditate!

The internet is filled with sites that can give you some pretty good advice on many, many forms of different meditation for all sorts of tastes and inclinations. 

What I am here to share with you, is what happened to me after I learned to meditate in a way that is quite different from the usual methods one associates with meditation. 

You see, I had the prayer part of our 11th down pretty well and generally had no trouble talking to my Higher Power in the morning and at night, but the meditation bit! I just wasn’t cutting it.

I had dabbled in meditation quite a few times over the years and whilst I enjoyed it, I could never quite develop the discipline to continue to do it on a daily basis. 

I’m not sure why I was averse to this wonderful form of self-care, but I just was and my practice was pretty hit and miss. 

No matter how much I wanted to acquire the routine and knew it would benefit me and also, more importantly, it is a part of our Step 11... I just couldn’t do it for prolonged periods of time.

What Happened 

Then it came to pass around 3 years ago, that I was shown a radical new way of thinking about meditation and this has absolutely changed my life!

I was introduced to a concept called “two-way prayer”. Not a new concept at all really.  In fact, the old-timers back in the day used to do it quite regularly and it was a common practice. 

Very simply put, you settle yourself into a state of peaceful calm, then listen to the quiet, still voice inside. You instigate conscious contact with your Higher Power! 

You may choose to write down this conversation, (I did this for 30 days in a row and it made a huge difference), or you may choose to just chat away as if with an old friend.

It doesn’t really matter, but the quietening your mind part is important as you will be asking to join with the Divine in a spiritual conversation. 

Reverence and respect at this time is not mandatory but sets the scene when you are talking to the Director of your life. 

However, I have done this whilst walking, driving, sitting by the beach, in the shower, at a desk, out in nature…the list just goes on. 

My Higher Power doesn’t seem to mind where I am, or what I am doing. I am completely accepted and loved and the conversation usually flows in an awesome and astonishingly wise way. 

I had often heard that prayer was talking to God and meditation was listening to God, but I didn’t know how to listen. I also didn’t have the means with which to quiet my mind enough to be able to hear God.

So now, after listening to a spiritual meditation to quiet my mind,  I then take some time to tune in to my Higher Power to hear His/Her will for me for today.

What's It Like Now 

And you know, it really works! 

I am so grateful for the 11th Step in our wonderful program and so grateful to be able to practise this form of meditation on a daily basis.

I feel so much closer to God, I have so much more faith in life and in the goodness of the Universe. I feel deeply loved and cared for, and this, for me, is a very precious gift. 

Blessings for another sober day,

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