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Inspired by AA | Meditations for Alcoholics Working Step 11
Created with love by a grateful Alcoholic 

✔︎    Do you find meditation frustrating or boring, and as such, leave it out of your 11th Step?  
✔︎    Are you restless and unable to keep your mind from wandering when you try to meditate?  
✔︎    Do you find that you don't seem to have enough time or motivation to do your Step 11 Evening or Morning meditation?
✔︎    Could you use some help doing your Morning Handover in a speedy but thorough fashion?
✔︎    Are you uninspired by your current meditation practice and could benefit from some fresh, AA program-based meditations?

If so, we believe that these AA-themed Meditation MP3's for Step 11 will be of enormous help to you. 

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Why These Meditations Work So Well for Alcoholics working the 12 Steps of AA

little lotus  They are based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and as such, these guided meditations contain subject matter that will be familiar to you. (Please refer to the AA Disclaimer located at the bottom of this page).
little lotus  Busy heads are kept interested by alternating powerful guided meditation scripts with AA spiritual concepts and principles.
little lotus  Your AA program is being reinforced during a relaxed state, thereby giving a beneficial boost to your 12-step recovery work.
Little lotus   Meditation for alcoholism and addiction has a proven track record and when coupled with AA program-based meditation, will bring a much stronger recovery foundation and hence a better recovery outcome.
 little lotus  Read how other Alcoholics are using these meditations with great success.

Enjoy listening to our Morning Meditation

Because our mp3's are focused on the 12 Steps of AA, our guided meditations are fully compatible with the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous. They have been created especially for Alcoholics in 12-step recovery, by an Alcoholic in 12-step recovery, so we know how our heads operate! 

If you practise these guided meditations daily, it has been our experience that your recovery journey will take on a new, more vibrant dimension. Your connection to your Higher Power will become far more intimate and personal and a true and unique conscious contact will occur.
These AA-themed guided meditations finally allow Alcoholics to experience the many benefits of having a daily meditation routine.

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